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01. HELLO FROM TBC – Thousand Helmets
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Hey I’m Whitney (the new girl) and Marketing Manager here at Thousand. I started working here exactly two months ago, and while I may be new to the brand, I’m a familiar face to founders Gloria and Amar considering we’re all former TOMS employees. And no this wasn’t planned!

I’m here to give you the inside scoop on all things Thousand Bike Club. Whether it’s our favorite playlist rotating in the office, behind the scenes of our newest product launch, a creative spotlight or me complaining about parking in DTLA Arts District - you’ll most likely hear it from me. I’m no blogger but I’m witty (trust me) and interesting (trust me), so this should be fun!

It’s an exciting time for the brand and we’re an open book so ask us anything. What do you want to know?

xo, Whitney

PS here’s three photos from my first day.


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