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04. BTS OF EPOCH – Thousand Helmets
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We recently rounded up the troops for a last minute lifestyle shoot for our  Epoch collection. And by last minute shoot, I mean, the day before. We had the pleasure of working with photographer and friend  Patrick Yandoc, who also photographed our studio images for the launch of the collection. In addition to Patrick, we were graced with the presence of duo Jess and Alex “Pooch” Puccinelli. They’re married, they're awesome, and they said yes to being our models for the day in a heartbeat. Jess is the founder of  Haute Hope, gift boxes that give back, and Pooch is a talented actor (among other rad things). More on them in a future post!

We figured we’d share some behind the scenes photos and fun facts about the collection.


We don’t hire models from a modeling agency. All of our models are friends and like minded creatives, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals.

We went through 7 versions of mint before we found the perfect Willowbrook Mint . Here’s a few of the different color variations.  

The name Willowbrook Mint came from our co-founder Amar. He grew up in a town outside of Chicago called Willowbrook and his mother use to grow mint in their backyard.

From idea to production, the Epoch collection took 9 months to develop.

Inspiration came from walking around the Arts District, especially
Nordic Wood.

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