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Ever since we launched our sweatshirt collection, we can’t help but wish for cooler weather. Our sweatshirts were designed (with love) by a local LA manufacturer and Brennan, our Creative Director and cool kid at Thousand. No really, he’s pretty cool.

In honor of our sweatshirts, we decided to let Brennan take over and share some behind the design details with you. Take it away Brennan!

Hello Thousand Bike Club, Brennan here. 👋🏼

One question that we’ve gotten since the launch is “Why sweatshirts?” At Thousand we create products with a purpose, products that encourage people to move around their cities and connect to their communities on two wheels. As we head into cooler months we want to help keep people on their bikes.

Style, convenience, and safety are three fundamental concepts in our product development process.

The rear zipped pocket on the sweatshirt was inspired by cycling jerseys and designed to be big enough to carry your phone, wallet, or cycling gloves.

And the zipper pull isn’t just a cool design feature; it’s been woven with a reflective thread. Additionally, we’ve added a reflective tab on the back for better visibility as the days get shorter.

This season we were inspired by the 1979 cult classic cycling movie “Breaking Away”.  The film centers around the Little 500, an annual bike race that takes place at Indiana University. We wanted to capture the spirit of the film and pay homage to the Cutters, a group of local underdogs that form a team to compete in the big race. The block lettering and chenille patches speak back to a 1970s collegiate aesthetic.

Insider information: we don’t have a heater in our office (#StartupLife) so as soon as the temp drops I’ll be grabbing one of these; I’ll be rocking the Club Pennant sweatshirt all winter long; the way to my heart is through chenille patches and chain-stitched embroidery. 😻

If you’re in LA, you can stop by The Wheelhouse to check them out in person or you can grab yours from our online shop here.

Get cozy.


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