May 09, 2018



Hey team! We recently launched our vegan-leather Stealth Black Courier gloves, and thought this would be a great time to go Behind the Design and learn a little more about our inspiration and purpose with our Gloves Collection. And what better person to tell you about our gloves than our founder herself, Gloria? Yes, we’re excited too. Take it away Glo!

Hi everyone. Gloria here. I am really proud of our Glove Collection, and especially about adding the new Stealth Black  Courier gloves, with a vegan amara suede palm. Since the launch of our Glove Collection we’ve gotten requests for a vegan alternative, and I have been working hard to bring Thousand gloves that look great and hold up to our high-quality standards. The trademark of this hard-wearing vegan amara is its durable grip and its soft, quick-drying, weather-resistant surface. And with the crocheted cotton backing, the Courier also provides ultimate breathability for the road ahead. Exactly what we were looking for.

I first wanted to bring a Glove Collection to Thousand when my own vintage pair of 70s leather bike gloves ran out. Back when I lived in Austin, there were these amazing FrankenBike swap-meets for parts and accessories, as well as an open and fun cycling community. One time, a man we fondly called “new old stock guy” had some gorgeous mint condition vintage gloves that I fell in love with, even though I had never worn cycling gloves before. I ended up buying every pair he had. For me, they are the perfect function-meets-design, with a comfortable fit to cushion and bend with my hands.

Thousand’s version keeps the same stitchwork, patterns, and details I first admired in the original version. Adding the vegan Courier gloves with their monochrome black is a modern update to our ‘70s-inspired glove collection that I’m really excited about.

We hope you enjoy them too- and thanks for coming on the ride with us.

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