June 04, 2019

Save The Arctic

This May, we asked you to join us and #DecideToRide. For us, #DecideToRide is a movement – a pledge to shift the way we think about traveling through our cities and a thoughtful choice we can all make through Bike Month and beyond.  

You pledged to give your cars the day off, showing that we can actively improve the environment, our personal health, and our communities by deciding to ride. Almost 800 of you made the pledge online. You took over 160 #DecideToRide photos from your Bike Month rides and shared your reason to ride. During Bike to Work Week, you stopped at 3 different coffee shops in LA for a free Coffee Pit Stop to keep you moving.

The concept behind our campaign was inspired by REI's #OptOutside. We wanted to give you a rallying cry during Bike Month that would spark curiosity and inspire others. After hours of brainstorming, we carefully decided on the name #DecideToRide. Why? Because we believe that there's a better way to move around our cities and it's not only by bike. Whether you jumped onto a scooter, skateboard, rollerblades, or a bike, you made a choice that had a profound positive impact on yourself and your community.

All May, as part of our movement, you took us along on your rides. Here are just a few of our favorite moments from the #DecideToRide Challenge.

"I don't normally do food photography, but than you for the cup of coffee this morning at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse on my commute to DTLA from Pasadena." 


"I see so much more on my bike."


"I ride my bike everyday for a break from the bustle. To slow life down to two wheels and the pavement and the blood. To be mindful. To vacation from "busy," (heard that shit can kill ya). To wave to my neighbors and learn their names. To stay #sober. To take it easy. To get there when I get there."


We can't wait to see our movement grow next year, with your help. Thank you for being a part of #DecideToRide 2019.

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