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September 14, 2020

Rose gold bike helmet and Silver bike helmet

Personal style is exactly that – personal. It's what makes you, Y.O.U. We believe that what you wear, from head to toe, should be a reflection of the unique qualities that make you special. 

When we started Thousand, traditional helmets didn't feel like "us." We wanted to make a helmet that's safe and stylish; a blank canvas to open up the possibilities for customization and personalization. 

Over the years, we've loved seeing you, our community, share your custom helmets with us on social or at events. Your creativity inspired us to create products like Reflective Stickers and Monograms, giving you even more opportunity to express yourself. Whether you love your helmets as they are, customize them with our Reflective Stickers, or add a personal touch with your own artistic abilities, you can share what makes your style and your gear unique with #MyThousand.

Rose gold bike helmet

Whatever your style and however you identify, we're here to celebrate our differences and the unique qualities that make you, Y.O.U.

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